How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

Bed bugs in mattresses are persistent, causing many of the health problems and allergic reactions. Infestation has been a widespread issue, and there must be some aspects present to get rid of these bed bugs. Bugs are not easy to eradicate permanently, and a lot of tactics will aid to get rid of them. The small oval-shaped insects feed on human skin and other small animals causing redness, and swelling in the human body.

If the bugs enter your mattress, it may cause a severe allergic reaction as well. If you are facing bed bugs issues, you might be perplexed about how to get rid of the get bugs. Do not worry anymore, as this guide will help you about how to get rid of the bed bugs. Bed bugs removal requires several chemical and non-chemical approaches to get rid of the problems caused by their infestation. Removing bed bugs are sometimes harder if in the case they are present in a larger size.

Identify Bed Bugs

Signs of Bed Bugs:

You can certainly detect the presence of bed bugs if you encounter small and itchy red bites all over your skin. One might relate bed bug bites with the mosquito bites, but make this thing sure that if you notice the red spots all over the skin after sleeping, then this is undoubtedly due to the presence of bed bugs. Bed bugs have the piercing ability that is the reason they can bite the skin easily. So, if you suspect likely signs and symptoms check over the mattress where bed bugs might be present. Eggs of the bed bugs are smaller in size, but you can recognize them if you see any reddish-brown spots of musty odor around.

Examining the Skin:

Examination of your skin will help in realizing if the bed bugs are present or not. So, after having asleep, you must examine the areas of the body. If you find out any round welts on your body, then this is the clear evidence that bed bugs are present at your sleeping place.

And, if you experience any allergic reaction, then it is apparent that bugs are present. For surety, you can check on the hidden areas of the bed as well where they might be present.

Pre-Treatment Procedures for Bed Bug Prevention

Pre-treatment procedures play a crucial role in getting rid of the bed bugs, as it will help prevent the bed bugs from coming again. This procedure is the first step that needs to be under consideration.

The following steps will be highly beneficial in executing the first step:

Bed Bug Inspection Checklist:

For checking the areas where bed bugs might be present, you must inspect different hidden regions. Following places are present in the inspection checklist that you must not miss out flip the mattress all around and examine whether bed bugs are present or not.

  1. Bed bugs might be present on the areas around the mattress or in the box spring.
  2. Examining the bed frames all around using the flashlight will also assist in the inspection of the bed bugs.
  3. Bed bugs might also be present in the furniture items like desks, chairs, and dressers.
  4. Bed bugs might also have the living areas in walls, carpets, or the electronic appliances. So, looking over these areas is helpful in the bed bug inspection.
  5. Bed bugs reproduce fast, and once they entered, you are indoors, there are chances that they can spread all around your room. So, try to look over all the protected where they can grow and reproduce.

Reducing Clutter:

Removing all the personal items from your room is highly essential, as it will help transfer the bed bugs from one part of the house to the other. Whether the personal details are toys, animals, blankets, or any electronic appliance, you must seal all those personal items in a bag to prevent further transference.

Laundering all the Garments and Linens:

Laundering will aid in removing the bed bugs present in your garments or linen. Make sure that you launder mattress covers and bedsheets as well. This strategy will help dislodge the eggs.

Dismantling Bed Frames:

Bed frames are the hiding sites of the bed bugs where they can reproduce even more. Accessing all the hidden bed frames is highly essential to expose the areas where they are breeding. You can see the place of bed bugs using a flashlight. Dismantling bed frames will allow you to spray over the hidden areas. But in the case if you are using mattress encasements, there is no need to treat the entire mattress.

Removing out all the Dresser Drawers:

Dresser also draws the hidden places where bed bugs can find out. Turn over every furniture items and find out the place where bed bugs are hiding.

Cleaning the Areas:

Cleaning the areas demands to dislodge the eggs of the bed bugs.  You must vacuum the entire place and use stiff brushes. The purpose of this is to remove the eggs of the bed bugs. The areas that are supposed to clean include furniture, bed seams, tufts, and button. Make sure that you must not use bristle attachment because it can be a reason of transfer of the bugs.

Steam Clean:

Heat steamers are in one of the most efficient technology to get rid of the bed bugs. Dry and high heat temperature is present in these steamers which serve as the most efficient technique to remove bed bugs. Several chemicals used in the steam technique are highly effective for removing the bed bugs permanently. Steaming helps in getting rid of various allergens and bacteria as well. But if you are using dry scrubbing method, make sure that only prominent bugs remove out rather than those who are present deeper.

Diatomaceous Earth:

The natural method is a highly efficient technique in which tiny fossilized diatoms are present. The diatoms are available into fine powder to remove the bed bugs present at your place. The chemical used has a higher ratio of silica present in it. In this context, the fundamental methodology is current as it assists in drying out the fiber of bed bugs. The drying procedure will be helpful to remove the bed bugs present before. After applying the technique, make sure that you seal out the entire mattress for some days for complete removal.

Using the Mattress Encasement:

Using mattress encasement will be highly effective in protecting yourself from the bed bugs. You can choose any of the mattress encasement from the prominent brands. Mattress encasements will serve as a barrier between your body and the mattress, and it will make you stay away from the allergens or the bed bugs. Bed bugs have a life of about one year so relatively more significant time will help get rid of the bed bugs. Do some research to choose the best quality of mattress covers. Your first concern must be your comfort level, so try to choose better quality of mattress encasements.

Changing the Bedding:

Changing the bedding will help in eradicating the tiny bugs. Try to change the bedding often and make you that you must roll the bed sheets inward. This strategy will help prevent the bugs from spreading further. If you swiftly blow up the layer, there are chances by which bed bugs can reach to other areas of your home as well.

Bed Bugs in a Mattress

Other ways for the removal of bed bugs:

Other than above-described bugs, several different techniques are also beneficial and useful for the removal of the clingy bug bites.

The following are some of those techniques:

  1. Scented dryer sheets and the rubbing alcohol can be the effective home remedies that serve to remove the bed bugs present inside your mattress. Use the alcohol by placing it inside the bottle. Spray the alcohol around where bed bugs are present.
  2. Silica gel is another effective methodology which is highly helpful in getting rid of the cooling bed bugs. So no worry if you cannot sleep well due to these bugs. Using different methodologies will help in getting rid of the bed bugs.
  3. You can also use various herbal methodologies for getting rid of the bed bugs present. The herbal methods include tea trees, lavender, peppermint leaves, black walnut tea, sweet flag, and bean leaves. The herbal techniques are useful methodologies for getting rid of the bed bugs.
  4. Another way of getting rid of the bug bites is by using the specialized products that function primarily for the removal of the bug bites. Different beg bug killer products in the market and you can choose any one of them as per your requirements the bed bug killers designs in an effective formula that serves to be as the non-staining and odorless method for removal of the bed bugs.

Treating Mattress with the Insecticides for bed Bugs:

After examining the areas of your room and finding out the areas where bed bugs are present, you must take assistance from using insecticides. Insecticides is a highly effective treatment after vacuuming. If doing vacuum does not work, you can use the insecticides the help get rid of the bed bugs. The following are the most efficient insecticides that you can utilize:

  • Cimexa dust
  • Aerosols like Bedlam Plus Aerosols
  • CrossFire insecticide
  • Temprid FX insecticide
  • Steri-Fab bed bug spray

Using the above-described insecticides will highly assist you in getting rid of the bed bugs. They are such practical and productive methods to use that aerosols can even work out in the cracks where bed bugs might be present. Insecticides work in the seams of the mattress and all the hidden areas where they reproduce themselves. No matter whether the bed bugs are present in couches, or the dressers using these insecticides will help in preventing the harm caused by bed bugs.

What to do if you cannot get rid of bed bugs by above-described methods?

If the bed bugs are present in a more substantial amount, you might have to face a lot of difficulties to remove them out. As per the need of the hour, you must consult some specialists who will be the function to remove out the bed bugs using different strategies. The experts are the pest management specialists who will be using the right stuff to remove out the bed bugs. To find out a perfect person to make your home protected from the bed bugs.

However, there might be a chance of changing the entire furniture and bedding to get rid of the bed bugs.

Disposing off the Infested Mattress:

If you want to get rid of the bed bugs completely, you must throw out the infested mattress. Throwing out the old mattress and applying preventive measures to remove the bed bugs is essential. But you must consider several points in mind, like a proper procedure must be under consideration to throw the mattress. Do not swirl around the entire mattress in your home. But rather than this dispose off the mattress efficiently. Moving the mattress in the wrong might be problematic.

Damage the entire mattress or put some marks on it clearing showing that the mattress has bed bugs in it. This strategy will make other people stay protected, as well. So wrap up the mattress in the plastic so take assistance from some sanitation department. It will help protect others, as well.

After disposing of the mattress using steam clean to sanitize all your house, the step is essential to follow as it will help in dislodging the eggs of the bugs. After using all the preventive measures, you can now introduce new furniture in your bed bug-free house.

Do not dare to buy second-hand furniture, as it might be the leading cause of making the termites to come back again.

Final Thoughts on Bed Bugs in a Mattress

No one wants to share their personal space with the clingy and irritating bed bugs. So, precautionary measures are highly essential to make yourself stay protected. But for staying away from the bed bugs, you must have a sound knowledge about that as well. Use different eradicating methods as per the intensity of infestation. Try out the above-described methods and choose the most efficient one for successfully executing the chosen plan. All the ways present above are tested and verified. So you can select any of the above methods to eradicate them from your lives successfully. Using the mattress encasements will also help a lot.

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