Top 10 Best Mattress for Trundle Beds Review May 2024

Trundle beds are a blessing for people living in compact houses as they help in saving space. They are also great for those who like to have guest over for night stays or slumber parties.

Like all other beds, trundle beds need comfortable mattresses for a better sleep experience. Considering this, we have reviewed the best mattresses for trundle beds in 2024 for you.

Best Mattress for Trundle Bed Review 2024

Finding the right mattress for your trundle bed can be tricky if you do not know what exactly to look for.

So, here are some of the best trundle bed mattress options for you to choose from.

1. Best Product: Linenspa Mattress

This Linenspa mattress is the best product on our list for all the right reasons. The 8 inch mattress provides a firm structure yet a soft surface for you to lay on.

It has an exquisite white appearance with aqua lining on the edges.

Moreover, the knit cover is quite soft and plush. It helps in maximizing your comfort and helps in avoiding rigid legs while you sleep on your side.

Since it comes at an affordable price, it will not affect your budget too.

So, all in all, it is a worthy investment if you are looking for both comfort and usability.

  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Hybrid construction.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Reports of bed bugs.

2. Runner Up: Zinus Mattress

We have chosen this Zinus mattress to be the runner-up among the best mattresses for trundle beds.

The most striking feature of this mattress is that it has CertiPUR US certifications, which make it more trustworthy.

The mattress has green tea infused in it to create a natural and relaxing aura around you while you sleep.

Its poly jacquard cover further increases its charm as it does not allow any bed bug infestations.

Furthermore, it has charcoal infusions to help in detoxing while you rest.

Hence, this mattress will leave you rejuvenated and fresh every morning, so it can be a nice choice. 

  • Pressure relieving design.
  • CertiPUR US certified.
  • Layered airflow.
  • Supports 250 lbs. maximum.

3. Best for Value: LUCID Mattress

LUCID has gained trust of several customers with their amazing products. And this 5 inch memory foam mattress for trundle beds is no different.

It has bamboo charcoal in it which kills all allergic agents, so it is a great hypoallergenic mattress.

The mattress improves your blood circulation while improving the overall health by making your sleep better.

In addition, it has one inch of gel infused layer which ensures a thorough ventilation. It is also easy to unbox and does not take much time when it comes to decompression.

Thus, it is the best for money trundle bed mattress out there with all its impressive features.

  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Ventilated top layers.
  • Bamboo charcoal support.
  • Slightly heavier than others.

4. Best for Kids: Sweetnight Mattress

This ocean blue trundle bed mattress by Sweetnight can be the perfect mattress for your kids. It has a cool color as well as a comfortable structure.

The best thing about it is the motion isolation mechanism in it.

It makes sure there is least disturbance while one of the people sleeping on the same mattress moves.

It will help you resolve all the sleep related tantrums your kids throw while you ask them to share a trundle bed.

As it has inner spring and memory foam both, the overall design is quite incredible.

  • Inner spring construction.
  • Cool blue color.
  • Allergy prevention design.
  • Not a memory mattress.

5. Signature Design Mattress

This Ashley mattress caught our eye with its superior hybrid construction. There are hardly any flaws in the mattress when it comes to strength and comfort, so most buyers love and recommend it.

Moreover, it has  two layers of foam in it for better ventilation and soft surface.

Along with this, there is high density gel in it which cushions your lumbar region to help relieve any back pain.

The packaging is also quite sleek as it comes in a box which makes it easier for you to keep it aside while the rest of your furniture gets delivered.

  • Queen sized mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic material.
  • 0.75 inch lumbar support.
  • Gets saggy in the middle.

6. Twin Mattress- Sweetnight Breeze

We have developed a liking for this twin mattress by Sweetnight because of its amazing features. The gel infusion helps you have a cool and comfortable place to sleep on.

Other than this, there is a better support to your body with the pressure point comforting.

This mattress is also worth investing in due to its all foam construction as other mattresses sometimes have harmful metals in them.

All the foam in it keeps things healthy and beneficial for you in the long run.

  • Highly durable foam construction.
  • No harmful metals in its frame.
  • 10 year limited warranty.
  • Might seem expensive to some.

7. Novilla Queen Mattress

All white mattresses are cool, but a dash of color makes them even more impressive, right? This is exactly what happens with this grey mattress for trundle beds by Novilla.

The 10 inch mattress provides enough height to keep you away from the floor. It is also queen sized, so it won’t bother you with most sizes of trundle or twin beds.

Another amazing detail is that it has 4 layers of foam in its construction which makes it more comfortable.

The mattress is completely odorless, so it does not make you feel nauseated or uncomfortable.

  • 4 layered all foam construction.
  • Odorless and highly comfortable.
  • Gets compressed in a box.
  • Customer service could improve.

8. Novilla Twin Mattress

If you are looking for durability and comfort then this 10 inch Novilla mattress is totally your thing.

The manufacturers offer a warranty of 10 years on it which takes away any worries in case of a damage.

It has a proper ventilation with the bamboo fabrics which increase its breathability by 30%.

In addition, it has a cooling design which is an impressive detail if you need temperature regulation.

Moreover, it can fit most of the bed frames making it simpler for you to fix it on your bed.

Its high density foam is also worth commending as it keeps the mattress firm for many years on end.

  • Fits all bed frames.
  • Plush feel with comfortable finish.
  • High density foam.
  • Sides get soft.

9. Classic Brands Mattress

This is another one of our favorite mattresses for trundle beds in 2024 with its superior construction quality.

The mattress can be a wise choice because of its high density foam and cool gel infusion.

It helps you stay comfortable while you sleep irrespective of the temperature around you.

This mattress not only has refreshing gel particles, but the ventilation is on fleek as well.

So, buying this one will be a wise decision on your part.

  • Well ventilated foam.
  • Foam conforms to body shape.
  • Gel particles refresh the users.
  • Light plastic smell.

10. Olee Sleep Mattress

The Aquarius mattress by Olee Sleep has gained our approval with its high usability.

It can fit most kinds of bed as the size is just right for trundle beds.

The mattress has better temperature regulation with its gel infused foam which goes a long way in providing you quality sleep.

The 10 inch height of this mattress is great and is easy to roll up and store away when not in use.

So, choose this one if you want to have a more relaxed sleep.

  • Gel infused foam regulates temperature.
  • Fits all kinds of bed frames.
  • 10 inch foam for ultimate comfort.
  • Decompression takes time.

Closing Thoughts on Best Mattress for Trundle Beds

Trundle bed mattresses have to be comfortable as well as practical, so people are quite cautious when buying these. There are many queries regarding them which we have answered here. Most trundle beds use twin bed size mattresses.

They are usually 75 inches long and 39 inches wide. You might need other size specifications if you have a bespoke trundle bed. The best mattress is the one which promises best usability.

After comparing several mattresses, we have found Linenspa mattresses and Zinus Mattress to be quite reliable. The LUCID Mattress could be a nice option too if you want a mattress for kids. 

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